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Single-Letter Domain Name

Domain Information

DOMAIN: ʘ.net

PUNYCODE: xn--lpa.net

Letter Information

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The letter "ʘ" is a character in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), representing a bilabial click sound. It is a symbol used to transcribe certain speech sounds, particularly those found in languages with click consonants. A click consonant is a type of consonant sound produced by creating a pocket of air between two articulators (usually the tongue and the roof of the mouth or the lips) and then releasing it. The bilabial click, represented by "ʘ", is produced by bringing both lips together and then quickly releasing them.

This sound is not common in many of the world's languages but is found in several African languages, such as those of the Khoisan language family (e.g., !Xóõ, ǃKung). Click sounds are integral to the phonetic systems of these languages and can convey various linguistic meanings, such as differentiating between words. In the IPA, "ʘ" is used to accurately represent the bilabial click sound in phonetic transcriptions and linguistic analyses, allowing linguists and researchers to document and study the phonetics of click consonants in various languages.

Character Details

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DESCRIPTION: a lowercase letter

LENGTH: 1 Letter

DIRECTION: Left to Right

BLOCK: IPA Extensions


UTF-8: 0xCA 0x98


STATUS: Available


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